Eyes - Optics, Trentonomous Sicogliceneral - Many use Optics 2nd option if wanted

A Small Sphere Referring to Eyes - Orbs, Spheroid, Spherule - Self-explanatory

Blindness/Blind/Blinding – Amaurosis, Purblinding - Self-explanatory

Eye Socket - Orbit

Whiskers - Vibrissae

Nostril - Naris

Face/Facial Expression - Countenance, Physiognomy, Visage, Mien

Rough Leather of a Nose, Skin Around the Nostrils - Rhinarium

Vertical Line on the Nose to the Upper Lip - Philtrum

Upper Jaw - Maxilla

Lower Jaw - Mandible

Teeth (4 "Types" of Teeth) - Incisors, Canines, Premolars, Molars, Carnassial (Upper and Lower Molars Used for Tearing Flesh)

Throat (Breathing and Speaking) - Larynx, Trachea

Throat (Eating) - Pharynx, Esophagus

Tail - Caudal Appendage, Coccygeal Vertebrae, Caudal Vertebrae

Part of the Brain in the Back Controlling Your Coordination and Muscle Activity - Cerebellum

Backbone/Spine and Tail Vertebrae - Spinal Cord, Vertebral Column (Broken into 5 diff groups. 33 vertebrae in total.)

Neck Spinal Cord - Cervical Vertebrae 

Scapula to End of the Ribs - Thoracic Vertebrae 

End of the Ribs to Three Before the Tail Vertebrae - Lumbar Vertebrae 

End of Lumbar to Tail Vertebrae - Sacrum Vertebrae 

Tail Vertebrae - Coccygeal Vertebrae

Skull - Cranium

Collarbone - Clavicle

Outward End of the Spine of the Scapula or Shoulder Blade - Acromion

Affecting the Joint Connecting the Acromion and the Clavicle - Acromioclavicular

Shoulder Blade - Scapula

Rib Muscles (Primary Factor in Breathing) - Intercostal Muscles

Ribs - Costas, Costae

Breastplate (Protects Important Organs) - Sternum (Broken into 3 Regions; the Manubrium, the Body, and the Xiphoid Process)

Cheekbone - Zygomatic Arch

Toes - Phalanges

Claws - Unguis'

Belly - Abdomen, Midriff, Midsection

Pit of the Stomach (Very Vulnerable to Blows) - Solar Plexus

Front Upper Leg - Humerus

Lower Front Leg - Radius and Ulna

Wrists and Paws - Carpals, Metacarpals

"Hip Bone" - Coxal Bone, Innominate Bone

Upper Back Leg - Femur

"Knee Caps" on the Back Legs - Patellas

Lower Leg Bones - Tibia, Fibula

Bones Above the Paws on the Back Legs (See Picture) - Tarsals, Metatarsals

Internal Organs - Viscera

Red Fluid (Referring to Blood) - Sanguine Fluid

Skin (Broken into 3 Layers, from Outermost to Innermost) - Epidermis, Dermis, Cutis (Epid and Derm Layers Together), Subcutaneous Layer/Hypodermis

A Piece of Tough Tissue Linking Muscle to Bone or Bone to Bone - Sinew, Fibrous Tissue, Tendon, Ligament

Fur - Pelage

Showing Qualities of a Female - Feminine, Effeminate, Muliebrous

Showing Qualities of a Male - Masculine, Virile

Strong - Stalwart, Tenacious, Juggernaut, Substantial, Mesomorphic

Large - Colossal, Monumental, Voluminous, Juggernaut, Gargantuan, Brobdingnagian 

Fearsome, Frightful, Evil - Ghastly, Nightmarish, Monstrous, Horrendous, Macabre

Small, Skinny - Diminutive, Infinitesimal, Ectomorphic

Heavy Built, Over Weight - Stout, Corpulent, Abdominous, Pyknic, Endomorphic

Sickly, Weak - Pallid, Cadaverous, Wan, Emaciated, Etiolated, Tenuous, Feeble

Bored, Lack of Energy - Jaded, Wearied, Apathetic, Blasé, Phlegmatic, Ennui, Lassitude, Lethargy, Torpor, Inertia, Stasis, Lackadaisically

Destructive - Ruinous, Catastrophic, Calamitous, Cataclysmic, Detrimental

Diverse in Character - Heterogeneous, Multifarious

Composed of Both Good and Evil - Agathokakological

Longing or Desire - Appetency, Covetous, Desirous

Smart - Intelligent, Shrewd, Astute, Sagacious

Showing Insight - Perceptive, Insightful, Perspicacious

Smooth/Glossy (Fur) - Sleek, Lustrous

Rough (Fur) - Coarse, Wiry

Fine, Silky Fur - Sericeous, Lanuginous

Calm - Serene, Tranquil, Impassive, Placid, Temperate, Imperturbable, Phlegmatic

Peculiar - Outlandish, Anomalous, Aberrant, Atypical, Divergent, Heteroclite, Idiosyncratic, Unique

Aggressive, Love of Fighting/Blood - Bellicose, Quarrelsome, Belligerent, Contentious, Intrusive, Combative, Acrimony, Philopolemical, Sanguinolency

Self Absorbed - Narcissistic, Megalomaniac

Persuasive - Concinnous, Eloquent

Mischievous - Furciferous

Bully - Drawcansir

Lively - Exuberant, Ebullient, Vivacious, Alacrity, Dynamic

Lack of Energy and Enthusiasm, Lazy - Lethargy, Hebetude, Inertia, Stasis, 

Friendly - Affable, Cordial, Amicable, Propitious

Carefree - Blithe, Insouciant, Jovial, Buoyant, Mellow

Cautious - Circumspect, Vigilant, Leery, Provident, Chary

Ambitious - Aspiration

Cunning, Deceitful - Machiavellian, Perfidious, Duplicitous, Treacherous

Talkative - Loquacious, Garrulous, Verbose, Voluble, Conversational

Brief, To the Point - Laconic, Concise, Succinct, Pithy, Taciturn

Sarcastic, Bitter, Scornful - Acerbic, Mordant, Acrimonious, Sardonic, Derisive, Scathing, Scornful

Beautiful - Prepossessing, Beauteous, Striking, Alluring

Handsome - Pulchritudinous, Striking, Alluring

Ugly - Grotesque, Repulsive, Vile, Repugnant, Ghastly, Hideous

Old - Decrepit, Archaic, Antediluvian, Superannuate, Septuagenarian, Senile, Ancient

Young - Adolescent, Juvenescence, Youthful

Belonging to an Earlier Time - Bygone, Anachronistic

Vengeful - Vindictive, Malevolent, Venomous, Malicious

Harsh, Loud Sound(s), Lacking Harmony - Raucous, Cacophonous, Discordant, Inharmonious, Dissonant, Piercing

Wicked - Atrocious, Nefarious

Sad/Mournful - Tristful, Lachrymose, Saturnine, Compunction, Contrite, Sorrowful, Melancholy, Lugubrious, Morose, Doleful, Atrabilious

Intimidating - Daunting, Menace

Dismay - Consternation, Dissatisfaction

Shy - Bashful, Timid

Lacking Intelligence - Vacuous, Inane, Fatuous, Foolish

Bad, Wrong - Egregious, Flagrant, Inadequate

Passionate - Perfervid, Vehement, Ardent, Fervid, Excitable

Tolerance - Forbearance, Patient

Irritated, Annoyed, Angry - Fractious, Irate, Ireful, Vexed, Livid, Apoplectic, Choleric, Acrimonious, Cross, Enraged

Tending to be Harmful - Inimical, Ruinous, Detrimental, Injurious, Deleterious, Noxious, Destructive

Defiant - Obstreperous, Contumacious, Recalcitrant, Recusant, Uncooperative, Rebellious

Not Rhythmic - Arrhythmic

Not Ashamed - Impenitent, Remorseless, Unrepentant, Unabashed, Ruthless

Unable to be Corrected, Improved, or Reformed - Incorrigible, Inveterate, Irredeemable, Habitual

Power to Attract Through Charm, Magnetism - Duende, Captivation, Charisma

Playful - Ludic, Puerile, Frolicsome, Mischievous

Someone or Something that is Hated - Abhorrence, Abomination, Atrocity, Monstrosity

Glow - Luminescence, Fluorescence, Incandescent, Radiance

Red - Cerise, Rubicund, Crimson, Saffron, Coquelicot, Lateritious

Orange - Persimmon, Gamboge

Yellow-ish Cream - Icterine, Aureolin

Tan-ish Yellow - Arylide, Citrine, Maize, Tawny, Xanthous

Green - Viridescent, Malachite, Chartreuse

Blue - Cerulean, Ultramarine, Zaffre, Turquoise, Sapphire, Azure

Blue-ish Green - Viridian, Jade

Purple - Heliotrope, Lavender

Pink - Roseate, Amaranth, Begonia

Black - Sable, Atramentous, Atramental, Obsidian, Onyx, Coal, Ebony, Somber, Sombre, Soot, Charcoal, Ebon, Raven, Inky, Melanoid, Piceous,

Brown - Burnt Sienna, Sepia, Amber, Cinnamon

Brown-ish Orange - Sinopia

White - Alabaster, Achromic, Achromatic

Gray - Achromatic, Slate, Charcoal, Achromic

Gray-ish Tan - Ecru

Hiss - Sibilate

Growl - Bellow, Snarl, Gnarr

Howl - Bay, Wail, Bellow, Ululate, Illatration

Walk - Amble, Perambulate, Saunter, Tread, Wend, Obambulate

Study - Scrutinize, Examine, Inspect

Yell - Vociferate, Ululate, Wail

Glare - Glower, Withering (Gaze), Piercing (Gaze)

Mourn, Grieve - Lament, Deplore, Bemoan

Placing Side by Side - Juxtapositional, Adjacency

Settle Down in One Place for a Short Time - Ensconced, Bivouac, Nestle, Situate, Cwtch

Approach and Speak to Someone in a Bold/Aggressive Manner - Accost, Confront, Encounter

To Complain - Yawp, Repine, Inveigh, Protest

Scold - Admonish, Chastise, Castigate, Objurgate, Rebuke, Reprimand, Vituperate

Praise - Extol, Eulogize, Panegyrize, Commend

Emotional - Maudlin, Mawkish, Sentimental, Bathetic, Tender

Slander - Calumny, Defamation, Tarnish

Dodge (Avoid an Issue) - Equivocate, Circumlocute, Tergiversate

Plot, Scheme - Stratagem, Machination, Chicanery

Form a Concept or Idea - Conceptualize, Ideational

To Know, Understand - Cognize, Comprehend, Perceive, Assimilate

Suggest Something Bad - Insinuate, Imply, Connote, Betoken

Interrupt - Impede, Hinder, Inhibit

Be a Forewarning - Portend, Presage, Augur, Indicate, Foreshadow

Assumption that Something is the Truth - Postulate, Presume (the Thing), Hypothesize, Presuppose, Theorize, Speculate

To Wake Up - Expergefaction

Relax - Decompress, Recline, Laze, Repose, Alleviate

Stretch - Pandiculation

Shiver - Quiver, Quaver, Shudder

Announce - Proclaim, Promulgate, Enunciate, Annunciation

Twitch - Quiver, Tremble, Vellicate, Quaver

Flick - Vellicate, Whisk

Leave - Vacate, Withdraw, Absquatulate

Dig - Excavate, Gouge

Fall - Descend, Plummet

Hunt - Pursue, Hound

To Utter Curses (Put a Curse Upon) - Imprecate, Anathematize, Maledict, Execration

To Cuss - Blasphemy, Curse, Utilize Profanity

Injury Where the Skin is Unbroken, Bruise - Contusion, Lesion, Discoloration/Discolouration, Ecchymosis, Extravasation

Scrape - Abrasion, Graze

Cut - Cleave, Rive, Lacerate, Compartmentalize, Rend

Sudden and Violent Collapse or Movement - Debacle, Convulsion, Paroxysm, Ictus, Lurch

State of Being Harmed or Damaged, Altered - Detriment, Transmogrification, Transfiguration, Deturpate

To be Deadly - Vorpal, Lethal, Noxious, Detrimental

To Disable - Incapacitate, Debilitated, Maim, Immobilize, Paralyze

Kill, Death - Conclude Termination, Annihilate, Decimate, Elimination, Extermination, Obliteration, Mortis, Curriculum Vitae Extinguishment, Liquidation, Extirpation, Naufragate

Bite Down, Chew - Masticate, Manducate

Drag Something Around - Vellicate, Tote, Heave

Defeat - Vanquishment, Subjugation

Something Very Upsetting - Harrowing, Acutely Distressing

Pitch Sideways Uncontrollably, Sway - Careen, Oscillate, Vellicate, Lurch

Lunge Forward Quickly - Skyrocket, Ascend, Catapulted, Lurch, Lunge, Assail, Salient, Protrusive

Sharp - Tapering, Acuminate

Back Away - Extrication, Disinvolve, Recede, Abate, Relent, Retreat

Move Fast - Velocity, Celerity, Catapulted, Accelerating

Grasp - Seize, Grapple, Prehension

Dodge (Feint) - Elude, Evade, Circumvent, Bypass, Eschew, Prevaricate

Move Continuously - Circulate, Ambient, Motatorious, Locomotion, Kinetic, Circumforaneous

Lock Together - Interlock, Interdigitate, Interconnect, Catenate, Concatenate

Battle - Fray, Altercation, Fracas, Scrimmage, Ruction

Opponent - Adversary, Combatant, Challenger, Foe, Rival, Antagonist, Nemesis, Rampallion, Contender

Bleed (Lose Blood) - Hemorrhage, Exude (Sanguine Fluid), Extravasation

Bleed (Draw Blood) - Exsanguinate, Percolate (Sanguine Fluid), Transude

Weaken (An Adversary) - Devitalize, Enervate, Debilitate

Disturbance - Bouleversement, Upheaval, Pandemonium

(Circulating) Around - Encompassing, Encircling, Ambient, Circumnavigating, Circumambient, Circumferential

Surrounding (An Adversary or Something) - Circumscribe, Encircling, Restrict

Through (Direct, Slicing Through Easily) - Unhindered, Copiously, Extravagantly, Facilely, Unobstructedly, Unstintingly

Through (Traveling) - Via, Per, Traverse

Through (Finish) - Concluding, Terminating, Culmination, Denouement, Cessation, Extirpation

Forcible Separation or Detachment - Avulsion, Evulsion, Elicitation

Separate Bones at the Joints - Dislocate, Disarticulate, Luxate

Crush - Pulverize, Suppress, Extinguish

Burst or Break Suddenly - Rupture, Fracture, Fragmentizing

Hello - Greetings, Salutations

Goodbye - Farewell, Adieu, Valedictory

Left - Sinistral, Sinister

Right - Dextral, Dexter

Beginning/Cause - Commencement, Initiation, Inception, Engender, Foment, Instigate

Slightly - Vaguely, Moderately, Faintly, Marginally, Imperceptibly

Lightly/Gently - Delicately, Airily, Tenderly, Faintly, Daintily, Ethereally, Breezily, Gingerly

Quickly - Instantaneously, Hastily, Rapidly, Swiftly, Promptly, Expeditiously, Blive

Slowly - Imperceptibly, Scarcely, Gradually, Leisurely, Unhurriedly

Freely, Easily - Unhindered, Effortlessly, Unobstructed, Readily, Liberally, Facilely, Copiously 

Completely - Diametrically, Wholly, Utterly, Altogether

Opposite - Diametrically, Opposing, Conflicting, Incompatible, Irreconcilable, Antithetical, Contradictory, Divergent, Dissimilar

Effect - Ramification, Consequence, Result

Sudden - Instantaneous, Precipitous, Precipitate, Abrupt

As - Whilst, Comparatively, Essentially, Similarly

And - Alongside, Furthermore, Including, Moreover

While - Albeit, Whilst, Although, Supposing

Although - Howbeit, Albeit, Notwithstanding

Between - Betwixt, Amid, Amidst

Cause - Engender, Generate, Arouse, Rouse, Provoke, Induce, Instigate, Foment, Beget

In Spite of - Notwithstanding, Nonetheless, Nevertheless

Be (Occur, Take Place) - Transpire, Materialize, Ensue, Betide

Do (Perform, Put into Action) - Effectuate, Execute

Scent – Fragrance, Essence, Aroma

Area - District, Region, Zone, Sector, Quarter, Precinct, Locality, Locale

Ground - Terrain, Terra Firma, Topography

Rabbit - Oryctolagus Cuniculus, Hare

Mouse, Rat, Shrew - Rodent, Murine, Vermin, Soricidae

Bird - Fowl, Game, Aves

Fish - Oncorhynchus Gorbuscha

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